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For Primary, Junior High, High School & G.E.D. Classes
Clockwise from top: One Color Insert with Seal & Ribbon, Large Purple Padded Cover with Foil Stamp (N/A), Full Color "Alma Mater" Insert with Seal, Blue Leather Embossed Foil Stamped Cover with Tassel, Full Color "Spirit of Education" Insert with Seal & Ribbon, Navy Hardback Cover with Foil Stamp (N/A).
We Specialize in Small Class Size Graduation Diplomas!
Our Graduation Diplomas are available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. We have inexpensive leather embossed, foil stamped covers with free-standing or glued-in one color inserts. These are available in a variety of cover colors. Tassels are also available in your choice of color.

Inserts are available with your wording (no charge for typesetting). The "Alma Mater" Insert features a full color picture of the famous sculpture by Loredo Taft located on the University of Illinois campus. The "Spirit of Education" Insert features a full color reproduction of the painting by Newell C. Wyeth with representations of Americans, educational leaders, and contemporary scholars. Seals are available for "Board of Education" or "County Superintendent of Schools", with or without a tri-color ribbon. Pre-cut ribbons are also sold separately to affix beneath your own seal.

Due to the customization of each diploma, please contact us for a quote.

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